So you had and introduction reading to your Human Design chart. You understood the basics of your type and of your inner authority, the two building blocks of the Human Design process. Some of that information might have touched you deeply, maybe like rarely before. Or you are just curious to know more, to understand: how can this knowledge help me in this life?

The Living Your Design Class is an in depth exploration of your individual chart. After talking about some of the basics of the knowledge, we will go through each of the nine centers in your chart and seek to understand them in your design; whether they are defined or undefined and what that means in your life. We will look at your inner authority and definition, corner stones of who you really are and talk about how your not-self mind is pulling you away from your true nature.

In addition to understanding your chart in a deeper way, the Living Your Design class provides an invaluable help to start your process of observation.  It will be when you see how the mechanics revealed through your chart actually work in your life that the transformative potential of this knowledge will become obvious to you.