Human Design is a powerful tool to help us understand and accept ourselves. Simultaneously it can help us understand and accept the other in ways that are really profound and loving. There are few places where Human Design can help us more than to navigate the maze of human relationships. Understanding our design and that of the other and the way that we are mechanically connected can be deeply enlightening and freeing.

Ideally, a connection reading between two partners is done after each one had an introductory reading of their birth chart; know and understand thyself first!
With a connection reading you will discover new and non-judgmental ways of understanding the other and deeply appreciate the difference between you and your loved one.  You will understand where the challenges come from in your connection and what the strength of the relationship is. That awareness alone will have powerful and lasting results.

Connection reading between parent and child, or work relationships where one wants to understand the dynamic at play with their colleague for example, could be done after only the interested person had an individual reading.

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