Individual reading and discussion of your Human Design chart. I will talk about your type and how it compares to the other types; your inner authority or what is the correct way for you to make decisions; how you mind works, what are your strengths and what is pulling you away from who you are.

I offer introductory readings in two different formats: a 90 minutes reading or a more detailed introduction comprised of two 60 minutes sessions.

I found 90 minutes to be the minimum necessary to give you a complete introduction to your design and to allow you to start your journey with  that knowledge. You will be given information that can potentially have a deep and transforming impact on your life.
For some, it has been valuable to split that introduction into two sessions, to allow time and reflection in-between, which can help for a deeper assimilation of all the information. This is especially recommended for people who are emotionally defined and need more time to take in information.
We are all different; see what is good for you and give yourself the chance to find out what Human Design can bring into your life!