My name is Luc Ringger.

I have been introduced to Human Design in 2008.luc
That discovery had a powerful impact on my life as it allowed me to understand and accept so many aspect of my inner experience that rarely made sense before. My life has profoundly changed since  and has become an ongoing discovery. Self acceptance and acceptance of others have been one of the many positive outcomes of embracing the knowledge of Human Design.

I am convinced of the amazing potential of that knowledge to help individuals (as well as couples) to find greater fulfillment and acceptance in their life. Therefore I created this website to offer my services and expertise to those who are interested.

For those of you who know a little bit about the knowledge, I am a 2/4 Reflector on the Cross of Eden.
Reflectors represent roughly one percent of the population and have ALL of their  centers open. As a result, it is said about them that their greatest gift is to read others.

I am certified by the International Human Design School as a Living Your Design Guide and have taken three and a half years of the analyst training by the same organization.

Here is my chart

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