Human design is a knowledge that was revealed to a man through an eight days mystical experience in 1987.  It unveils some information about the nature of human beings and life that is truly revolutionary and has the potential to deeply transform our lives.

Human Design is not a belief system; it is a science, something that we have to test for ourself. In the course of your exploration, you will find out if there is truth in it for you. For many people, the result in meeting that knowledge is a great relief and a deeper acceptance of themselves and others.

You will recognize in it some well known aspects like astrology, I-Ching, the chakra system, and the Kabbala. But it is much more than a synthesis of those different aspects. A Human Design Chart, which is drawn from your birth data, brings forth with extraordinary depth the uniqueness of your being. Be ready for some of your strong held beliefs about yourself and the world to be shaken up!

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